SkillSnax is bite-sized learning that is cost effective and easily digested…because every hungry mind needs to be fed!

Worklife Company SkillSnax brand identitySkillSnax Delivery

People with busy schedules can dip in and out of SkillSnax in ways that suit their diary, their budget and their learning needs:

  • Live webinars can be attended at scheduled times
  • Recorded webinars can be viewed or listened to at a time to suit, thereby ensuring worklife balance and flexibility.
  • A suite of SkillSnax can be bundled into a one or two-day workshop, a week of workshops or a series of ‘lunch-and-learn’ development sessions.
  • They can also be ‘bundled’ into a series hosted on a people hub, online platform, or intranet under license.
  • The choice is yours; bite off as much as you can chew!

SkillSnax are brain-healthy too

Research has shown that most people can take in about 90-minutes of information before the brain has had enough and needs to digest and process the new skills and knowledge. SkillSnax address this physiological need by providing the opportunity to develop useful skills in 45-minute, 60-minute and 90-minute sessions.

SkillSnax, deliver cost effective and productivity friendly learning solutions for business whilst at the same time, keeping the employee promise of continuous personal development, through practical and useful skills-based sessions.

Skillsnax_lightbulbChoosing your SkillSnax

Just like good nutrition keeps a body healthy, SkillSnax provide food for thought to develop and grow your people so that they have the skills, motivation, attitudes and determination to help your business to succeed. Customers can regard SkillSnax as the ‘little and often’ nutrition for the future success of your business.

Our mission is to create and sustain great companies to work for and great companies to do business with. That includes supporting individuals, teams and organisations to release potential.

For 2015, SkillSnax deliver learning and development focused on topics that are essential for today’s turbulent and dynamic working environments that ensure excellence in organisational development, growth and excellence in:

  • Wellbeing & Worklife Balance
  • Communication and Engagement
  • Career, Talent and Performance
  • Innovation, Improvement and Change
  • Leadership and Management

Development of your people is the food of growth and success. Hungry minds need to be fed and during times of uncertainty, complexity and change, SkillSnax are not a cost but a true investment in success. Our topics above therefore focus on developing individuals, teams and the organisation.

Face-to-Face SkillSnax

SkillSnax are delivered by our qualified coaches, and can be delivered face-to-face in any of the following ways:

  • Conference or seminar (one to many)
  • Traditional workshop or classroom setting
  • Facilitated as part of an action learning or coaching set
  • As modules in one to one coaching or mentoring
  • As part of a ‘train the trainer’ license to your own internal training staff

A maximum of three 90-minute or four 60-minute SkillSnax can be delivered in a one-day workshop. They can be delivered to suit flexible work patterns and peak productivity times.

e-SkillSnax and Webinar SkillSnax

Any of our SkillSnax can be delivered as e- SkillSnax or Webinar SkillSnax and hosted in one of three ways:

Traditional e-learning medium, e.g. DVD with handouts and delegate materials. These e- SkillSnax are delivered under license to you for continuous use within the organisation.

Hosted on our website, where delegates, using a unique password and log-on, can access the training that they wish to attend. This can be set up on annual license agreement or as pay-as-you-go. All live webinars would be delivered this way and recordings can be made available.

Pre-recorded and hosted on your website/hub/portal for people to access as required and would be sold under a single user license renewable annually.

SkillSnax Topics and Choices

Click on the boxes below to see details of the SkillSnax modules that are currently available:

• Get a Worklife Balance! • Stop Juggling & Start Balancing Work and Life for Women • The Art of Flexible Working • Building resilience under pressure • Getting things done • What Time do you call this? • What shall I do First? – Time and prioritisation skills • De-Clutter your Work and Life! • Dance Your Best Life! Worklife Balance for women at work • Managing Expectations • Building Assertiveness • Managing worklife balance in your team • Managing Attendance • Wellbeing at Work • Are you Well? Wellbeing for individuals • Managing the Wellbeing Agenda in your team • Eating your way to resilience • Worklife Balance and Remote/Agile Working • Getting to ‘No’ You! • Visualisation Techniques for High Performance
• Who am I Anyway? My Communication Style • Body Language – Understanding The Words, Music & Dance of Communication • An introduction to NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming • Influencing through NLP • Dealing with Conflict • Quietening the Inner Critic • Who are you talking to? Communicating to and influencing others • Presentations with Punch • Don’t talk to me like that! Dealing with difficult people and conflict • Congratulations on your Engagement! Creating employee engagement • Understanding Team Communication Stages • Influencing and communicating during change • Do you Buy In? Delivering Team engagement • EI, EI, OH! Mastering Your Emotional Intelligence for better relationships • A coach doesn’t need wheels! Coaching Skills – coaching self and others • Getting to ‘no!’ You! – Learning how to say ‘no’ and set expectations • Emotional Intelligence – The Art and Practice • Engaging Remote Workers • Email Netiquette
• My Brand, My Career, My Way! • Image & Self Projection • Do You Know where You’re Going to? Understanding your strengths, potential and personal direction • Managing Virtual Team Performance • What Time do you call this? The body clock – when is the best time to do email, have meetings, get creative or rest? • Managing HOUR Time – prioritising, delegating and influencing • Managing Performance • Development Planning • Managing Attendance • Identifying and inspiring star performance • Developing Talent • Playing to Strengths • Performance Management Best Practice • CHOICE – Career direction for the Aspiring Leader, Expert or Manager • Recruiting for attitude, Retaining for Potential • Goal Setting that Works
• All Change! Dealing with and Managing Change • Creating Your Own Future History – Vision, Values & Cause • Building Resilience During Turbulent Times • Building Followership – Influencing and communicating during change • Breakthrough Thinking – Innovation and improvement • Creative brainstorming, generating ideas • The Innovation Game • Horizon Scanning and Benchmarking • Go On, Take a Risk! • PDCA does not stand for Please Don’t Change Anything! Process Improvement • How do you do that? Process Management and Modelling • Collecting data – how much, when and where and so what? • Identifying the root cause of the problem and cause & effect and charts • Use Your Grey Matter! The Power of the Mind • Mind-mapping for the Genius in You! • Goal Setting that Works • Change Your Mind, Change your Future
• The Living Organisation • The Living Leader • Leadership and Management – what’s the difference • Leader as Manager and Coach • Who am I Anyway? My Leadership Style • The Living Leader – modern leadership practice • Influencing for Results • Delivering Team Brief • Communicating with Punch • Do you Buy In? Delivering Team engagement • EI, EI, OH! Mastering Your Emotional Intelligence for better relationships • A coach doesn’t need wheels! Coaching Skills – coaching self and others • Managing Diversity and Inclusion • Lipstick Leadership – The female Leader Approach • Managing Remote Teams • The Art and Practice of Delegation • Bringing psychometrics and Assessment tools to life (MBTI, Belbin etc.) • Understanding Team Dynamics • Building a High Performing Team • Managing Performance • Situational Leadership • Getting the Best from What You’ve Got • Managing Flexible Working • Managing Customer Service

For further information and pricing of individual and bundled SkillSnax modules, please get in touch with Worklife Company.