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Worklife Company The Living Organisation™ DiagnosticsThe Living Organisation™ is underpinned by 3 key diagnostics that measure maturity from an individual, team and organisational perspective. By measuring where an organisation, team or individual is on their journey to great, we can provide recommendations for improvement and growth. The diagnostics are:

  1. The Living Organisation Leader™ Diagnostic provides a framework for leadership development and focuses on the physical, emotional and wellbeing aspects of leadership potential as well as their leadership competencies, behaviours and attitudes
  2. The Living Organisation Team™ Diagnostic assesses the team leadership and the Timeout™ Development Centre provides space to assess team maturity, strengths, wellbeing, development needs linked to strategy & performance and emotional intelligence
  3. The Living Organisation™ Diagnostic assesses the organisational strengths, maturity, barriers to success and strategic development needs.

Together they provide a Living Organisation Leadership™ journey that takes an organisation from good to great.


Three year’s of extensive research has resulted in ‘Living Organisation™’ – a business methodology that serves today’s world and its people. With it comes a leadership, management and operating approach that is transforming how the world works…for good! Living Organisation Leadership™ is re-writing the leadership agenda and rule-book by challenging old ways of doing things that are no longer relevant. It is fast becoming the benchmark for excellence.

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