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The Worklife Company is a Leadership and Organisational Development Consultancy.

Consulting Delivery

Delivering excellence in customer service underpins our work. Since 1998 we have achieved a reputation for helping organisations prepare for, lead and navigate all people aspects of change. Our unique approach results from our wide-ranging expertise and experience, combined with robust research into optimum leadership and working environments that serve today’s world. Strategic OD projects are led by our leadership team, supported by associates and in partnership with internal client talent. The Worklife Company Leaders work alongside customers like allies and facilitate leadership of the change process. We believe in devolving skills to our customer to reduce external dependency.

Lynne is one of the most honest and respectful people I have ever come in contact with. She is empathetic and inspires action in others. She takes time to listen, provide feedback and coaches people to improve both themselves as well as their business.

She is a fun and engaging communicator and her approachable style creates trust and safety for delegates who are often nervous about attending training programmes or coaching.

Associate Director, Birmingham City Council
Thank you for coming to speak at our first ever women’s conference. As always, you spoke with passion and commitment and were a real inspiration to those present.
Assistant Chief Constable, UK Police Force