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From cradle to grave, we are programmed to connect.

If a nurturing and loving environment exists in those formative years, we grow to learn how to develop the social and interpersonal skills that support us to build relationships, connections, communities and friendships with others.

In the workplace, we are expected to work as teams to achieve tasks, deliver to customers and build organisational strength. In the past, team building and team development was designed around team dynamics that would support an always-together, face-to-face team to work in harmony in a predictable and slower-paced working environment.

Today’s virtual, fast-changing, 24-7 and turbulent workplaces mean that individuals often have to operate in a myriad of different teams, in different settings, for variable amounts of time and with differing objectives. Team members must be even more self-aware if they are to navigate these waters, and at the same time, understand what their contribution is, and how they can influence others to act. Therefore, team development has to be different if it is to equip people to work effectively in the multitude of teams and groups that exist in this new world.

At the Worklife Company, our research and information suggests that today, teams must be smart at managing their individual parts, how those parts operate together and how they connect and disconnect with agility. The skills and capabilities needed for today’s teams are:


  1. Self-Awareness
  2. Strengths-based assessment
  3. Personal Emotional Wellbeing

Team Operating/Working

  1. Team Resilience and Wellbeing
  2. Relationships, community and networking
  3. Influencing, communication and change
  4. Creativity, innovation and transformation

When coaching teams to work effectively, the Worklife Company works on all aspects noted above to building strengths, community and wellbeing. We do this in an emergent and team-centred coaching setting, which can be face-to-face or virtual. The coaching provides the team with the space to explore, develop and implement their learning about self and others.

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It has been an absolute delight to work with Lynne and Ali; they have boosted my personal morale but most importantly given me a team. I started with a group of disparate senior managers who neither recognised their relationship to each other, nor their relationship with me (a new role).

This was worsened by organisational factors that created barriers to our effective working and that remain beyond our control. After just two team sessions, supported by a number of confidential 1:1s with each of my TEAM, things have changed beyond recognition. I can honestly say I have a team that I can now rely on – we work side by side and support each other. Wow!

Still so much to do and I hope that Lynne and Ali will continue to help us in some of that. I recommend them wholeheartedly.

Director, Sheffield CCG