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Ready to release your credibility and incredibility for work and life?

How does Worklife Company deliver coaching to individuals?

Worklife Company coaches are qualified and have many years experience in personal development coaching, mentoring, facilitation and training. Strong values underpin our work and are based on confidentiality, integrity, trust and respect for clients.

What is Coaching?

“Coaching” literally comes from an old Anglo-Saxon word for a carriage, which is something that takes you from where you are now to where you want to be. In a nutshell: Coaching is a vehicle to transport a client from where he/she is now in his life to where he/she wants to be – with the client holding the reins, choosing the direction and managing the speed. Coaching is an active, collaborative partnership where the coach facilitates the client to become aware, release their own potential and create lasting results in their work or life. A Coach works on a formal basis to support you to achieve your goals and aspirations.

Embarking on Your Coaching Journey

Like any journey, preparation is essential, as is the importance of knowing where you want to get to! Therefore, prior to your first coaching session, spend some time thinking about your destination; your overall goal for coaching. It may be to improve your confidence, or enhance your leadership approach, deal with a fear or explore career choices. Along the way, you may encounter barriers that may be preventing you from achieving your goal, your Worklife Company coach will be walking alongside to support you to achieve results.

If you’re ready, then talk to us about coaching.

When I first met Lynne I was trapped in a nightmare job that had completely taken over my life; affecting my health, personal relationships and family life – however, the biggest problem was I didn’t appreciate there was a problem!

With a positive and thoroughly professional approach Lynne helped me regain my confidence and self-esteem, enabling me to put matters in perspective, identify what needed fixing and to turn my life around. It was not always easy, yet Lynne’s support was unwavering, offering wisdom and a gentle guiding hand.

I would recommend Lynne as a coach to anyone who has found themselves backed into a corner thinking there is no way out, because there is, and Lynne will help you find your way.

Director, NHS
My coaching sessions with Ali have been of enormous assistance to me and extremely pleasurable.  She has really supported me during a pivotal time in my career as my role was coming to end as a result of organisational change and closedown.

Each session enabled me to really identify, challenge and tease out the things that are important to me; such as my key strengths, motivators, skills, aspirations and achievements. I discovered the things I’d like to do more of, and also those I don’t either like, or recognise as playing to my strengths.

The net result has been a tangible plan for the future, which I know will bring out the best in me and most importantly, be great fun – thank you!

Director, Yorkshire NHS