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The Worklife Way™ is a leadership and organisational framework for leading and managing people and business systems in balance. It supports the development of a culture of goodness, exemplary leadership practice, alignment to customers and an inspiring environment for individuals and teams.

Living Organisation Framework

Almost 7 years of research has defined the The Worklife Way™. It is a modern leadership framework aimed at today’s complex and turbulent workplace environments. Leadership practice that worked in the past is no longer appropriate for today’s dynamic organisational environments. Increasingly leaders need new ways of working, and devolving strategy in a virtual, always on, fast moving and commercial world. 

Leadership is no longer a box on an organisation chart, it is every person who takes responsibility for delivering the right thing at any given moment, in a way that upholds the values and is in service to the organisational cause.

Through this framework, commitment to creating and sustaining a living organisation results in ‘a great company to work for and do business with’.

We work alongside our customers as experts and trusted advisors on their journey of change towards this goal.

“Change is the Rhythm of Living”.
Lynne Copp, Founder

Strive For

Trade With

Work For

Belong To

A great organisation to strive for means developing and communicating a strong sense of purpose and meaning. Purpose-driven Leadership is ‘leadership from the outside in’ and is focused on 3 things:

  1. Calling – The reason that your organisation exists; its cause, calling and lineage?
  2. Customer – Sound clarity about existing and future customers, markets, competition and that the customer/user/buyer at the core of all delivery decisions and strategic direction
  3. Culture – The marriage of calling and customer is supported by a culture that builds allegiance ‘to’ the customer and ‘from’ the customer, and affinity from employees to the organisation and its customers.

A great organisation to do business with is focused on alignment, understands the need to be efficient and effective, has the right capability and the right team capacity to deliver excellence in everything that they do. Leadership that focuses on creating a great company to do business with, aligns its teams around customers and frees them up to be innovative and efficient on behalf of the customer and each other. This is ‘leadership from the outside in’ and focuses on 3 things:

  1. Customer Focus – customer-aligned teams focused on delivery, relationships, engagement, involvement and advocacy
  2. Continuous Improvement – teams, suppliers and customers focused on improvement of self, teams, processes and systems.
  3. Creativity – space for innovation and transformation that future-proofs the organisation and its success, creativity in communication, involvement and engagement of employees, customers and all stakeholders
  • A great company to work for, understands that it is important to create an environment where people want to come to work to contribute to the best of their ability in order to achieve great results. Leadership in this space must focus on a balance between human and organisational wellbeing. This is ‘leadership from the inside out’ and focuses on:
  1. Human Wellbeing – is about leading quality of life measures and productivity as a result of attracting and retaining the best talent, playing to strengths, insisting on flexibility (time, location and space) and driving modern workplace policy/systems:
  2. Organisational Wellbeing – is dedicated to sustaining organisational performance, growth, success and longevity by focusing on the natural resources of an organisation. Leadership recognises that people and their livelihoods rely on the health and productivity of our leadership landscapes, and leaders, as stewards of the land, play a critical role in maintaining continued health and sustainability of a Living Organisation. To achieve this, good leadership must learn to re-invest, not just cost cut.

A great company to belong to, understands the critical nature of building a cohesive employee brand throughout the organisation that creates affinity through values and behaviours. An organisational team that is united and consistent in their behaviour so that everyone in the business sees that they are not only in tune with each other, the customer and the cause, but are also confident and robust in their decisions that ensure sustainable results. Leadership in this culture have mature self-awareness, emotional intelligence and sound principles that ensure a team that is collectively strong and just, from the inside out. Integrity is their core value, and hope, inclusion and involvement are evident. This too is ‘Leadership from the inside out’ and is motivated to focus on:

  1. Employee Affinity – Social belonging, pride, integrity, teamwork, social groups and networks, pastoral care, loyalty etc.
  2. Customer Affinity – Customer advocacy, affinity, loyalty, involvement, pride etc.


The Worklife Way™ Living Organisation

Our approach and framework for change combines the ‘living’ aspects, e.g. employees, customers, suppliers, alliances and partnerships with the ‘non-living’ components, e.g. culture and ethos, systems, policies and processes, emotional climate and physical environment, to interact effectively as a system (organisation). The Worklife Way™ sustains a collaborative environment, by accelerating the change process and defining a focused approach and ethos of working collectively across all systems – internally and externally.

The Worklife Way Framework is underpinned by diagnostics, tools and interventions that create and sustain a living organisation, and aims to balance 2 outcomes:

  1. The sustainability of business performance by re-investing and restoring natural resources,
  2. Meeting the organisational and human wellbeing needs of current and future generations of employees.