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Connecting Talent to Task

Worklife Connect is a specialist membership network of customers and like-minded leadership & organisational development professionals who are right at each others’ fingertips and ready to support the creation and sustainability of ‘a great organisation to work for and do business with’.

“We are very proud to provide this customer-aligned resource and amazing network of leadership thinking, education and research to our customers. This is a modern, robust and dynamic OD membership service that provides incredible people and resources where and when they are needed most.”
Lynne Copp, Director, Worklife Company

Our Worklife Connect Associates include:

  • Accredited Experts: Those who lead the diagnosis and review of organisational challenges/maturity and recommend transformational solutions and plans
  • Trusted Advisors: There with you for the journey of change to lead/support strategic design, delivery, deployment and devolvement of change
  • Helping Hands: specialists that develop and deliver specific projects, interventions and initiatives during change or periods of sustainability

For licensed customer members, that means quality and excellence in the design, relationships and devolvement of modern workplaces and leadership cultures. Every Worklife Connect member is quality assured and accredited to deliver top OD consulting interventions to customers around the world.

Through membership to our Worklife Connect community, customers not only have access to our Worklife Connect Associates, but also access to a well-resourced learning and networking forum for your internal employees, that will further enhance their skills and capability.

For our Worklife Connect Associate

Worklife Connect Members, have access to a community of continuous development, networking and business growth. Many of our members lead micro or small businesses, and unless working as part of a large project team, can become isolated or challenged by the need to grow their business and deliver at the same time. By applying to become a member of Worklife Connect, you make a decision to enhance your professionalism, career and sense of belonging in a like-minded community who want you to succeed, develop and grow.

Becoming a Worklife Connect Member

To become a Worklife Connect Expert Helping Hand, Trusted Advisor or Accredited Expert, begins with the initial membership process, which has four stages: Application, Assessment, Approval and Accreditation. Once a member, there are aspirational levels of development and growth that can lead to the coveted ‘Accredited Member’ level. Throughout, we will invest in the capability and capacity of OD, L&D, HR and Engagement specialists, funded through membership, and assured through on-going performance management processes. Membership allows us to invest in performance development, and also provides a wider community forum that meets regularly to share ideas, discuss OD trends and build alliances on behalf of the customer.

  • Delivery of consulting
  • Specialist delivery/support
  • Coaches and Mentors
  • Trainers and Developers
  • Administrative & Business Support
  • Change Consultant Leads
  • Trusted Advisors
  • Expert Developers
  • Coaches and Mentors
  • Trainers and Developers
  • Locality Director / Sector Expert
  • Accredited Living Organisation Specialist
  • Thought Leadership Forum Lead
  • Research Forum Lead

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“All Worklife Connect members are subject to a robust assessment, approval and accreditation process before being visible on the Worklife Connect website and free to work with customers”.
Kevin Copp, Director of Member Recruitment, Worklife Company