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We believe that people come to work to do a good job, and if given the right leadership environment will excel on behalf of the customer, organisation, each other and self.

Our Core Values

Honesty, Honour, Hope and Happiness


We act with uncompromising integrity in everything we do, and with all of the people that we deal with. Integrity allows us to be professional, dependable, honest, diligent, responsible and accountable. The most responsible response is always the truth; we demonstrate this with customers, colleagues, suppliers, partners and alliances. There are no grey areas, we are honest.


Honour allows us to create an environment of dignity and valuing the valuable in others resulting in wellbeing, inclusion and community. Community means belonging and involves sharing, supporting, being loyal and collaborating. Valuing means inclusion, and respects individual difference ensuring dignity for all, free of bias and discrimination; we trust, respect, care and are empathetic. We respect each other’s need for wellbeing and worklife balance and we urge privacy when not at work. Valuable means placing value on what we do and who we do it with. We achieve this by dealing with ethical and diverse companies, playing to strengths and working with professionalism and respect for our customers, associates, suppliers and alliances.


Hope includes 3 things: Freedom, Creativity and Optimism. Freedom means choice and ensures balance and wellbeing for all, through flexibility, empathy and care. Freedom of choice extends to the work we are involved in, and how we work with customers to release potential. Creativity means that we encourage the art of the possible, flexibility and agility. We know that change comes from creating an environment that releases the creative spirit of people and teams, plays to everyone’s strengths and trusts that outstanding transformation will happen as a result. Optimism – Being hopeful means adopting a growth mindset, looking out for potential, bringing our best self to work and being curious about what could be to create a great company to work for and do business with.


Happiness is about affinity , balance, doing what you love and loving what you do. Happiness is what we want to feel when we wake up in the morning and consider the day ahead at work. Happiness is the way we want to feel during the day when we work with our colleagues, customers and suppliers, and on the tasks that we are delivering. Happiness is what we want to feel at the end of our day when leave work and go home to our lives, our families, friends and leisure. we spend up to a third of our lives at work, it should be a happy and positive experience; a great place to be and to belong. We want our people to be happy, and if they are not, then we will work alongside them to support them to become so, or support them to find another environment that will suit them better. We want our customers to be happy too, and we strive for excellence and advocacy in all that we do for them.

Doing business with The Worklife Company should be a good experience.

The Worklife Way is our behavioural code that is customer focused and provides us with a way of working that ensures quality, consistency and ease of doing business.