Dancing ’Round the Handbags’ book

Dancing ’Round the Handbags’ book

Worklife Company Dancing Round The Handbags book coverDancing ’Round the Handbags’® (£19.99 Ecademy Press) is a more than a self-development book for hard-working women, it is a catalyst for changing and balancing the way we work and live.

Using the metaphor of the ‘handbag’ and the ‘dance’, coach and Brit Writers’ Award winning author Lynne Copp helps you to dance your best life.

The Dance is a metaphor for what you do each day; dance to the tunes of others. The multiple roles of mother, wife, boss, friend, daughter, colleague etc. means that you are so busy dancing to the tunes of others that you have little time to dance to your own dreams, aspirations and potential; your own music.

The Handbag in this book is a metaphor for you. For example, The Mirror chapter explores your image; how you see yourself, The Lipstick chapter explores how you mask stress (‘put on a brave face’).

By reviewing your dances and de-cluttering your handbag, you will return to the dance floor of life, to dance to the tunes that you want to dance to. 

Dancing ’Round the Handbags is available online Amazon, Kindle, iTunes and from all good bookstores

ISBN 978-1-907722-64-6