We are a Leadership and Organisational Development Consultancy

Our purpose and ambition is to transform the world of work for good, by creating outstanding organisations to work for and do business with, resulting in improved organisational and human wellbeing.

Founded in 1998 by Lynne Copp, The Worklife Company is a Leadership & Organisational Development Consultancy. Our work is delivered through OD consulting, Executive and Leadership coaching, facilitation, leadership development and research interventions.

We have supported many Private and Public Sector environments to transform and modernise their organisations as well as their leadership practice. Through research-based frameworks and innovative thinking, we  champion and sustain new leadership approaches that change cultures, improve management practice, engage people, champion modern workplaces, improve system leadership and achieve transformational organisational performance.

The result is ‘a great organisation to work for, and a great organisation to do business with’.


“Lying dormant in many businesses is kernel of organisational and human potential. It is the role of leadership to spot, nourish, release and allow that potential to grow, flourish and achieve greatness.”

Lynne Copp

“The Worklife Company believes in creating a great company to work for and a great company to do business with. I have experienced this in practice, in every way, whilst working with the Worklife Company.”

Director of HR & OD, YHCS
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Dancing ’Round the Handbags’ book

Dancing ’Round the Handbags’ is a more than a self-development book for hard-working women, it is a catalyst for changing and balancing the way we work and live.


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A focus on research and evidence provides The Worklife Company Team with emerging trends and areas for focus that are tested through Leadership Thinking and then devolved to customers through effective consulting and learning interventions that can deliver innovative and transformative outcomes.

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