Lynne Copp, Founder & Managing Director

Worklife_Company_Lynne_CoppLynne Copp, Founder of The Worklife Company, and Co-Founder of VIA Experts Ltd, is an Organisational Development expert, executive coach, author and public speaker. She is an inspiring leader who not only creates motivation for change, but also delivers organisational and human wellbeing solutions relevant to today’s business, people and leadership environments.

Lynne is co-creator of the Living Organisation™ Framework, alongside Ali Dawson, Senior Partner.

Lynne is retained as a leadership coach and consultant by many organisations and works with Boards and Senior Leaders to create transformational change in leadership environments and culture.

Prior to setting up the Worklife Company, Lynne held a senior role in Hewlett Packard, and worked in the defence industry where she began her career in electronics engineering.

She published award-winning book: Dancing Round the Handbags®, which is a coaching resource to support women to achieve their potential whilst balancing work and life.

Lynne is retained as an executive coach for a number of organisations, is a Chartered Fellow of CIPD, a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM), an active member of Association of NLP, and a Certified Women Owned Business Member of WEConnect International. She has a Masters in Organisational Development & Design, and currently completing her masters in Coaching.


Kevin Copp, Operations & Finance Director

Worklife_Company_Kevin_CoppKevin is Operations and Finance Director for the Worklife Company. He is an achievement-oriented, positive, commercial and customer-focused Senior Executive who has over 35 years blue chip and start-up business experience. He is passionate about delivering excellence in both customer service and customer experience by contributing to results through effective leadership and a strong focus on team and collaboration.  His operational leadership has been achieved in the Tech and Healthcare environments, through customer service delivery and consulting. He is a robust operational thinker with the ability to translate complex customer needs into clear, practical solutions and systems.

He is a professional, focussed, leader who works for three aligned outcomes:

For employees/Associates – Leadership is not only about creating followership but also inspiring employees to stretch towards their potential on behalf of the organisation and its customers, whilst honouring organisational values.

For customers – To continually strive to make a difference to processes and communication to make it easy for customers to do business with us again and again.

For the organisation and its stakeholders – to build strengths, sustainability, growth and high quality through efficient systems, trusting relationships and effective reporting.


Ali Dawson, Senior Partner

Worklife_Company_Ali_DawsonAli Dawson, Senior Partner for The Worklife Company, Co-Founder and Director of VIA Experts Limited and Co-Creator of the Living Organisation™ Framework. Ali specialises in executive and senior leadership team coaching and development, and curating leadership cultures and behaviours to inspire leaders to do things differently. Her expertise extends beyond business to world-class sporting and military teams. She has 25+ years of experience working as an Operational Manager, Leadership Development Consultant and Coach. Her Clients, past and present, span 17 business sectors and 3 continents.

Ali has worked with a number of organisations operating in completely different worlds e.g. from UBS Warburg’s, to England Rugby Union Football Team and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. She has also worked in both a coaching and consulting capacity with Nokia, Double Click (Google), HP-CDS, St. James’s Place Wealth Management, The NHS, RBS and The Abu Dhabi Government.

Ali provides a unique service based on the principles and deep understanding of Emotional Intelligence (EI). She is regarded as an authority on EI and co- authored Emotional Intelligence for Rookies, published in 2010.



Delivery VIA Experts

Customers who are members of VIA Experts have access to an approved and account managed, specialist membership network of leadership & organisational development professionals who are accessible and ready to support the creation and sustainability of transformation. Every VIA Expert member is quality assured and accredited to deliver top OD consulting interventions to customers nationally and internationally. Each member has access to a full suite of CPD, learning and research forums, network groups and coaching to enhance their talent and keep them current.

Through membership to our VIA community, customers not only have access to our VIA experts, but also access to a well-resourced learning and networking forum for their own internal employees that will further enhance internal capability. We believe that devolving skills and capability is important for long-term sustainability of change.

Licensed customers can also request that their associates existing OD, L&D and HR suppliers, move towards becoming VIA Expert members. If their application is successful and once approved, they too have access to the same benefits as our existing members and the community of excellence is widened. Customers can then be assured of value for money and expert professionalism that is already screened, approved and accredited.

The VIA Experts online portal puts choice in the hands of the customer and can be an excellent platform for customers to source people and teams for on-going opportunities and projects.

Accessing VIA Experts

As a licensed customer member, you would access leadership and organisational development talent through our VIA Experts website. Licensed Membership to VIA Experts allows you to:

  • Gain access to a network of assessed, approved and accredited OD providers
  • Choose the talent that you need for your transformation project
  • Tap into leadership thinking and attend forums/discussions
  • Post projects, pieces of work or contract frameworks
  • Request research, thinking or engage in discussions
  • Access Courses, Sources and Resources for your own organisation
  • Access talent development for your own internal talent
  • Account-managed and quality assured professionals

Becoming a VIA Expert Member

To become a VIA Expert Helping Hand, Trusted Advisor or Accredited Expert, begins with the initial membership process, which has four stages: Application, Assessment, Approval and Accreditation. Once a member, there are aspirational levels of development and growth that can lead to the coveted ‘Accredited Member’ level. Throughout, we will invest in the capability and capacity of OD, L&D, HR and Engagement specialists, funded through membership, and assured through on-going performance management processes. Membership allows us to invest in performance development, and also provides a wider community forum that meets regularly to share ideas, discuss OD trends and build alliances on behalf of the customer.

VIA Expert Members have access to a community of training, networking and business development skills. Many of our members lead micro or small businesses, and unless working as part of a large project team, can become isolated or challenged by the need to grow their business and deliver to client need. By applying to become a member of VIA Experts, Associates make a decision to enhance their professionalism, career and sense of belonging in a like-minded community who want to deliver excellence in leadership and OD.

To find out more about becoming a VIA Expert Customer, or a VIA Expert member, please complete the form below or give us a call.

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