The Worklife Company is a Leadership and Organisational Development Consultancy. We deliver our consulting services directly and through our Associate membership network called VIA Experts.

Direct Consulting Delivery

A handful of Strategic and often global change and OD projects are owned by the Worklife Company Leaders, supported by Associate Members and in partnership with internal client talent. These projects combine Better Change, with design, deployment, dialogic diagnostic/disruptor tools and devolvement of best practice. The Worklife Company Leaders work alongside customers like allies and facilitate participation in the change process. The profiles and experience of our Leaders are contained in the ‘Our Company’ section.

Our Associate Membership Network – Delivery VIA Experts

Customers who are members of VIA Experts (our Associate Membership Network) have access to an approved and account managed, specialist membership network of leadership & organisational development professionals who are accessible and ready to support the creation and sustainability of transformation. Every VIA Expert member is quality assured and accredited to deliver top OD consulting interventions to customers nationally and internationally.

Through membership to our VIA community, customers not only have access to our VIA experts, but also access to a well-resourced learning and networking forum for their own employees that will further enhance their internal skills and capability. We believe that devolving skills and capability is an important part of Better Change, as it is a catalyst for organisational learning, resilience and wellbeing. This also provides customers with joined up partner capability, collaboration and effective outcomes.

Accessing VIA Experts

As a licensed customer member, you would access leadership and organisational development talent through our VIA Experts portal. Licensed Membership to VIA Experts allows you to:

  • Gain access to a network of assessed, approved and accredited OD providers
  • Choose the talent that you need for your transformation project
  • Tap into leadership thinking and attend forums/discussions
  • Post projects, pieces of work or contract frameworks
  • Request research, thinking or engage in discussions
  • Access Courses, Sources and Resources for your own organisation
  • Access talent development for your own internal talent
  • Account-managed and quality assured professionals

Learn more about VIA Experts.

Better Change OD Consulting is change delivered in a participatory, dynamic and active way, using techniques that accelerate the change process in viral, connected and social ways. To find out how Worklife Company can support you to create and sustain a great company to work for and do business with, please get in touch.

Lynne is one of the most honest and respectful people I have ever come in contact with. She is empathetic and inspires action in others. She takes time to listen, provide feedback and coaches people to improve both themselves as well as their business.

She is a fun and engaging communicator and her approachable style creates trust and safety for delegates who are often nervous about attending training programmes or coaching.

Associate Director, Birmingham City Council
Thank you for coming to speak at our first ever women’s conference. As always, you spoke with passion and commitment and were a real inspiration to those present.
Assistant Chief Constable, UK Police Force