The Living Organisation is a modern leadership framework aimed at today’s complex and turbulent workplace environments.

It provides a leadership and organisational framework for leading and managing people and business systems in synergy. It supports the development of a culture of goodness, exemplary leadership practice, alignment to customers and an inspiring environment for individuals and teams.

The Living Organisation™ sustains a collaborative environment, by accelerating the change process and defining a focused approach and ethos of working collectively across all systems – internally and externally.

Through this framework, commitment to creating and sustaining a living organisation results in ‘a better company to work for and a better company to do business with’.

The Living Organisation

A Living Organisation™, change process combines the ‘living’ aspects, e.g. Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Alliances and partnerships with the ‘non-living’ components to interact effectively as a system (organisation) e.g.: Culture and ethos, Systems, Policies and Processes, Emotional climate and Physical environment.

The Living Organisation™ is dynamic, and subject to continuous disturbance and change (from internal as well as external forces). Therefore, Living Organisation™ Leadership has to be a style and approach that aims to balance 2 things:

  1. The sustainability of business performance by re-investing and restoring natural resources,
  2. Meeting the organisational and human wellbeing needs of current and future generations of employees (economic and wellness).

Balance is key. To ensure this, the Living Organisation change process, focuses on 4 aspects of organisational wellbeing, in a framework of many interventions, measures and disruptors that ensure change is devolved quickly and effectively.