What could the world of work look like if it were good?

Imagine a workplace where:

  1. Your organisation’s cause is clear, and it drives all business focus, direction, decisions and culture
  2. Customers love doing business with your organisation, and through advocacy, are recommending and bringing new customers, thereby promoting a growth mind-set.
  3. All employees have an affinity to your organisation because they love the work they do, align to organisational principles and feel valued and included.
  4. Its physical design, system design and working practices are inclusive, modern and reflect the cause; an environment that ensures a great physical experience for employees (office and nomadic worker), suppliers and alliance partnerships.
  5. Leadership culture, behaviours and cause are focused on goodness and this drives all decisions, ethos, investments and strategy.

This is growth with conscience and this is a living organisation; an organisation focused on creating and sustaining a better organisation to work for and do business with.

Almost 7 years of research has defined the Living Organisation™. It provides a leadership and organisational framework for transforming people and business in synergy. It supports the development of a culture of goodness, exemplary leadership practice, alignment to customers and an inspiring environment for individuals and teams.

Living Organisation™ is for now!

The Living Organisation™ is a modern leadership framework aimed at today’s complex and turbulent workplace environments. The world of work has changed and continues to do so – change is the rhythm of living. Leadership practice that worked in the past is no longer appropriate for today’s dynamic business environments. Increasingly leaders need new ways of working, and devolving strategy in virtual, always on, fast moving and fluid markets. Too many organisations are only focused on shareholder return and cost reduction, and have forgotten to focus on long-term sustainability through continuous re-investment in organisational and human wellbeing. It is time for better change.

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