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Leadership development is personal development and therefore is not aimed at a box on an organisation chart.

Our Learning and Development interventions are often not classroom based around a structured agenda of traditional training exercises. Instead, each intervention is designed to captivate the learner to want to learn more, and take them on a journey of personal growth.

Behind each season of the Living Organisation™, there are a selection of interventions and opportunities to develop and deliver courses, sources and resources, industry studies, placements, job-swaps, scholarships, apprenticeships, e-learning, creative mentoring and coaching for your leaders, managers and employees.

We facilitate benchmark studies and job-swaps with private and public organisations, we work with you to establish new development planning approaches, CPD, journaling and appropriate qualification programmes.

We are all qualified coaches and hold qualifications in a variety of personal development and learning techniques.

Dancing Round the Handbags®

by Lynne Copp. ISBN 978-1-907722-64-6

Worklife Company Dancing Round The Handbags book coverDancing ’Round the Handbags® is a life-changing book, and resources to support hard-working women to dance to their own tunes and find balance between work and life.

Using the metaphor of the ‘handbag’ and the ‘dance’, the book and workshops will guide you through a series of exercises designed to raise self-awareness, develop new skills and make changes necessary to live and work a more fulfilled life.

You will stop the music for a while, remove yourself from the dance floor of life, open up the handbag that is you, and explore your personal potential and balance. By the end you will have de-cluttered, re-packed and renewed the handbag that is you, and be ready to step back onto the dance floor of life to at last dance to your own tune.

The Dance

The dance represents all the day to day tunes that you dance to that either project you towards your purpose and goals, or hold you back, resulting in imbalance, stress and guilt. The first chapter in the book allows you to explore these dances and highlights where your work and life may be out of balance.

The Handbag

The handbag in this book is a symbolic representation of the different aspects of self, like your self-esteem, friendships, goals etc. By exploring each, you will get a sense of who you truly are, and who you can become.

The Chapters of the book are detailed below, and each one uses metaphor, exercises, stories and coaching to support you to dance your best life:

My Dance –

The dances that you dance to in work and life

My Tissues –

Your health and wellbeing

My Diary –

The demands of time in your work and life

My Lipstick –

The masks you wear to portray your public self, and how you cope with stress

My Mirror –

The image you have of you and how it impacts self-esteem

My Phone –

Your social and professional networks

My Purse –

The choices and changes you can make for a better work and life

My Snack –

Your Personal and professional development to become your full potential

My Keys –

The keys to your heart and the keys to your success

My Photos –

Your critical relationships in your life

My Perfume –

Your sense of identity in terms of feminine spiritual and the authentic you

My Pen –

Your goals for work and life

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